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How luxury cosmetics meet sustainability through the Pu’Er tea rituality ?

In the furthest parts of China, in the Yunnan, cradle of some of the world’s most refined teas, a green lung strong of a perfect ecosystem, is cultivated the Pu’Er. Renowned and revered, it is China’s oldest tea. Cha Ling uses its exceptional anti-aging and anti-oxidation virtues in its line of Slow Skin Care cosmetic products. Developed by the LVMH Research, the Cha Ling teams entrusted BETC Design the task to nurture their strategic thinking and to create the brand identity, from the logotype to the packaging of its different product lines.

Thus, the new identity: an homage to the product’s origins, to its culture and
its traditions. The logotype uses a minimalist lineal typography inspired by
ideograms. The letter becomes as much a recognition sign for the brand as
a showcase of its cultural roots. Next to it, a circle becomes Cha Ling’s symbol: it encloses lively and vibrating curves as a wink to the delicate infusion of Pu’Er and the coarse of the trees of the Yunnan forests. The quality and expertise of the young cosmetics brand are stated through a red seal containing Chinese characters
affixed to the bottom of each product.

Sublimed inside an elegant and re¬fined beveled box, the care products remind of the roundness of Chinese ceramic. The color palette, both mineral and natural, fully embraces the origins of Pu’Er. Variegated copper, mineral grey, China white, brown/black and tea green dress the different product lines (face care, body care and Art de Vivre). In order to ensure and protect the heritage and values of Cha Ling, the packaging is realized with textured paper and are economical in their need for matter. They are also rechargeable when possible.

The new identity: an homage to the product’s origins, to its culture and its traditions.