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How to reinforce the perceived value and the attribution of a brand without losing its history ?

Since 1921, Albert Ménès has been passionately pursuing the job of Master Grocer, offering a range of nearly 400 specialties combining tradition and creativity.

As part of its development project in France and internationally, the fine grocery store brand wanted to renew its graphic identity and increase its reputation among consumers. Our challenge was to maintain the authentic status of the brand while bringing modernity.

Our job was to put the heart of the profession of Master-grocer back to life, by making the founder’s original vision live: which was bringing an exceptional touch to the kitchen on a daily basis. Through a new packaging identity, Albert Ménès affirms his know-how of sourness and his constant search for excellence of taste.

The repositioning of the brand has been built with a new logotype and a graphic universe that apply to the packaging as well as all of the brand’s expression media. There is two major advantages that result from this : a better identification in linear thanks to the dynamisation of the red identity of the brand, as well as the affirmation of its premium dimension.

Albert Menès cultivates the French gastronomic heritage but also the discovery of flavors from all over the world, which we are eager to share and make accessible on a daily basis.

Make live the original vision of the founder: to bring a daily touch of exception in the kitchen.