« Define, structure and renew brand imaginary territories so they can reflect their time & culture »

The agency

Established in 1999, we are a global design agency based in Paris & Shanghai (group: BETC/Havas)
We are consultants, designers, architects, semiologists, humanists, and craftsmen
A team of 40 people spread in 3 fields of expertise: Strategic Consulting, Creation and Project Management.

Our philosophy

We believe that design for a brand is similar to a modern language; built upon concepts, symbols and a cultural expression of its own, empowering a dialogue between different audiences.

Our commitment

Make brand’s objectives meet with consumer’s expectations.
Make sense and create value between a brand, its offer and its target.
Broadcast the brand’s vision through new products and services.

We operate as a network

We believe in cross-culture. We love to confront our ideas to designers, architects or artists. This way, we strive to broaden our creative vision to build and improve brand’s legends of our clients.

Our approach is human-centric

We developed a singular methodology that is based at the crossroad of social sciences (sociology, anthropology, semiology) and marketing, where design is generated as a language enabling a story-telling through the creation of expressive concepts.

We imagine tomorrow

Through Le Laboratoire, we identify new trends and develop new concepts accordingly. We bring a response to future challenges while identifying future consumer needs and market evolutions to new technologies.

Innovative platforms, decipher semiotics codes, prospective studies, our work has various formats in which we bring solutions to brands multifaceted needs.

Our competencies


  • Prospective & Research
  • Brand strategy, brand platforms / manifestos
  • Brand anthropology
  • Brand architecture
  • Naming
  • User Experience
  • Tone of voicex
  • Brand signature


  • Graphic & communication design
    Visual Identity, Brand universe,
    Graphic standards / digital, Packaging,
    Key Visual, Promotional display
  • 3D Design / Retail /3D
    Product design, industrial design,
    Commercial architecture


  • Production Monitoring
  • Technical plans
  • Preliminary Project Outline & Draft Final Report
  • 3D Prototyping